About Us

Philos (greek): loving

Textiles that wrap you up in a warm hug, objects that transform the spaces you live in, and unique accessories that satisfy that intimate desire to make the everyday more beautiful.

Philos is the enchantment that occurs between a person and an object, the attraction that stirs within us upon its discovery. Philos is connection and balance.

With a special, almost poetic sensitivity, Philos builds its identity through each pursuit and experimentation. The textile is at the center of each creation, where handcrafted and artisanal techniques elevate its qualities. The result is always profound. The material and the object are conceived together, and each design is given a sublime existence.

Philos transforms our interiors and the spaces that surround us. It is inspired by art, nature and the most delicate sensations that we can perceive. Philos is the willingness to experience, interpret and live each piece in an authentic, personal way.